C-Bar Volume 5



C-Bar: The Widowmaker’s Rampage

Wade Wilcox loved killing him some Yankees. He was so skilled at it, during the war, he became known as the Widowmaker’s. After the war was over, however, all he wanted was to return home, settle down and get back to normal life. Unfortunately, his reputation preceded him, and he wasn’t wanted anywhere near Texas by the new government. On the run with his new wife and baby, Wade headed West to avoid being hanged for trumped-up ‘war crimes.’ Would he be able to make a new life, or would his past haunt him forever?

If you like your Westerns written in the style of Robert Hanlon, Bruce G. Bennett and Paul L. Thompson, you will love “The Widowmaker’s Rampage!” Download your copy today, and start a read filled with action, adventure and drama—and the hopes and dreams of the American West.


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