C-Bar Volume 7



C-Bar: The Vigilantes of the C-Bar Ranch

Guns! Glory! Action! From Mark Baugher, the bestselling author of “C-Bar,” comes his latest Western, “C-Bar: Volume Seven.” Action, adventure and gun-smarts come in many forms. For Baugher, it comes in the form of his ability to write Westerns—a Western he knows how to write better than almost anyone else.

After fending off a brutal attack by Apaches, Shotgun Alice and the rest of the Bar-W Ranch family decide to drive some of their herd to market in Prescott. Once there, Alice decides it is time to resume her job as a stagecoach guard, partnering once again with her friend Hank. On one fateful trip, life changes forever for Alice, and she is forced to reevaluate everything she believes. The decision she makes leads her on a perilous quest for revenge. Along the way, she rescues another woman, and together the two take justice into their own hands, facing danger and forging a lasting friendship.


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