C-Bar Volume 8



C-Bar: Freddy Shaw: Tombstone Gambler

From the bestselling author of the “C-Bar” series comes his latest Western. This is “C-Bar: Volume Eight” from Mark Baugher!

Guns! Glory! Action! From Mark Baugher, the bestselling author of “C-Bar,” comes his latest Western, “C-Bar: Volume Eight.” Action, adventure and gun-smarts come in many forms. For Baugher, it comes in the form of his ability to write Westerns—a Western he knows how to write better than almost anyone else.

Welcome back to the C-Bar Ranch for another adventure! Freddie Shaw, born and raised in New Orleans, tells us his story of how he came to settle in Prescott. His early days as a gambler led him through many adventures with some wild friends, including the Earp brothers. Join Freddie as he travels west, making friends and enemies along the way. His troubles lead him to Prescott, where he learns the true meaning of friendship, and meets the woman who steals his heart.


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